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teenage with counselor
Psycho-educational evaluations


I utilize the Wechsler Scales, the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence–IV or the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-V. My goal is to help children feel comfortable in the testing setting so they can perform at their best. My reputation in the community is that I provide accurate results. I make sure to schedule adequate time for the appointments so we are not rushed and can take breaks as needed. Immediately after the evaluation I give the child a brief, age appropriate explanation of strengths and provide parents with a more detailed analysis. Within a few days I provide a written report. I am on the preferred evaluator lists for The Weiss School and The Greene School, who require an IQ test as part of their admissions requirements.

Learning Disabilities

An evaluation for suspected learning disability will require at least two appointments of two-three hours each. Each case is individual but the standard evaluation usually requires intelligence, academic, and processing assessments. It is critical for the student to buy into the process and become part of the problem solving team. As testing progresses, I talk to the student about strategies that might be helpful in making academics easier. I talk with parents in general terms after testing. Then after compiling a comprehensive report which covers results of testing plus recommendations for school and home to help strengthen weaknesses, I meet with parents to discuss results in detail. If appropriate, I also meet with the student.


Consultation/ Coaching

I consult with parents about school choice and educational issues. I also meet with students to help resolve school-related problems, such as difficulty with executive functioning problems. 


There is so much research coming out on ADHD, executive functioning, child development, learning disabilities, anxiety and many issues related to childhood. I love staying current with this information and enjoy making the research understandable to parents and school staffs. I have spoken at state and national conferences, school faculties and parent groups with the group size ranging from 350 to 10 people. I was one of two keynote speakers at the 12th annual Strengthening Youth and Families Conference in Dallas, Texas in 2016.

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